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Zoom Fatigue?

It's been a hot minute since I've written a blog post post. When I was teenager, I loved blogging and had one that I would post regularly on. Writing was always something I loved and originally thought it would be something I would pursue (I had applied to study journalism before running off to India). When I set up this website for my classes and offerings, I really wanted to make regular blogs part of it. Sharing thoughts from the world of yoga, wellness, food, the list goes on. However, that didn't really work out. I suppose it wasn't something that I was feeling particularly drawn to. It wasn't something that was calling me. But here I sit, feeling that call again to write some rambling onto a website that maybe a couple of people will read.

The last 4/5 months have been weird. There is no doubt about that, and I've noticed how many people during this time of slowing down and reflection have found new callings or are looking for new callings. There has been so much change, and it seems to be constantly changing weekly. Change is good, and something I like and relish. I personally look for an opportunity to find change, or for a way to find something new and inspiring, perhaps that's just the dreamer in me. So in a way, I have enjoyed this time to explore new things, ideas and parts of me, and particularly in regards to yoga and teaching.

Moving all classes into the online-sphere has been interesting. I noticed back in March there was this excitement. This eagerness to do lots of classes, the ability to do 3 classes a day from the comfort of your bedroom and even in your pyjamas. But I think as time has progressed, there has definitely been a reduction in this. We're all fed up. Fed up of Zoom and staring at a screen. Fed up of being in our homes. Fed up with the lack of routine. Zoom-fatigue is REAL. So much so that many of you will know I decided to take August off teaching to rest, recharge and get some much need inspiration.

As everything has been changing so much, it has meant that the workings of online yoga has changed so much throughout the last 4/5 months and we've all had to adapt. For me, I started off just asking for Paypal donations and I would email the Zoom link for the class. This then moved onto me updating my website to accept bookings through it (which is honestly amazing, it means everything is so organised and I can offer class passes and more, it even creates a little Elm Yoga community!), and then came the recording of classes meaning if life gets in the way and you can no longer attend the class then I can send you the recording from the class. And now, I'm even thinking about offering yoga packages to buy - think a video package of 5 recorded classes to purchase and keep for ever. This is still a thought currently whilst I figure out how to make it work, so would love to know anyones opinions on this - would it be worth it?

In the interest of transparency, I'm really scared about what the future of yoga is going to be. I miss the studio, I miss the energy and atmosphere of sharing a physical space with wonderful people. I miss the connection and community. Obviously studios will start to open up over the next couple of months, and some already have, but I am very afraid of what that is going to be like. No more dreamy Savasana adjustments, smaller classes etc. I'm trying not to dwell on this and just focus on the right now and the present, and just look forward to when we can all be back in a studio again - but holy moly its stressful right?? I'm currently just relying on my to-do lists and idea/dream lists to keep me sane at the moment, as well as using this time off from teaching to work out what my classes will be like when I'm back at the studio.

I guess its the dreamer in me again, but I'm hoping that someday we will all just look back at 2020 and be like 'well that was a weird trip'...

Enough ramblings from me for now. I hope you're all doing okay and keeping safe.


Libby elm x

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