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Girl Running in Field at Sunset


"Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more"



A space for women to come together in a sacred circle, created with the intention of allowing women to be seen, heard, held, to feel safe, connected and supported through life and its journeys.

These women and sister circles are free of judgement and expectation. They are an opportunity to reconnect with your bodies, femininity and sisterhood, whilst connecting to the lunar and natural cycles. 

Women's Circles are often held around the Full or New Moon, or are run in conjunction with the Equinox's and Solstice's. 

To see my upcoming, public circles, please head to Events

If you would to book me to hold a private Circle for you and the women in you life, perhaps for a Bridal Blessing / Hen-Do, Birthday or any other occasional or celebration, please get in touch.



Earth Witch Workshops are a space to gather, connect and create with other like-minded souls. They are a space to connect with nature and the wise women of our ancestry. Exploring essential oils, plants, herbs and natural healing.

Earth Witch Workshops are a collaborative experience where we all share ideas, thoughts and stories whilst learning and exploring together.

Earth Witch Workshops can be combined with any of my other offerings, and work wonderfully alongside Women's & First Moon Circle, Mother Blessings and more. If you would to book me to hold a private Earth Witch Workshop for an event, festival or retreat, please get in touch.

To see my upcoming workshops, please head to Events

First Moon Circles in Bristol


A space to reclaim our feminine cycles, learn how to celebrate, welcome and navigate them. A space to teach young girls how they too can navigate their cycles, equipping them with tools to support them. 

A First Moon Circle is an invitation to introduce nourishing and wholesome ways to honour her bleed, preparing her for the ebbs and flows of life and ways we can listen and honour. 

These are tailor made Circles for her closest female family members and friends. The Circle could be for several girls experiencing their first bleed. 

A First Moon Circle can be simple or elaborate and can include options such as Sharing Circles, Meditation, Journaling, Crafts (smudge bundles, bath salts, perfumes etc), Gift Giving, uplifting and inspiring ritual exercises, sharing of food and drinks, and more.

Email to get in touch and discuss options.

Pregnant Woman in Nature


For Mamas to be, this alternative to baby showers is a wonderful way to celebrate your pregnancy and feel deeply supported moving into your birth and postpartum. 

Mother's Blessing's are an opportunity to gather the women in your life to show their love and support to your and your baby.

These blessings are bespoke to you with a variety of options, such as Sharing Circles, Womb Painting, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Creation of affirmations, Crafts (smudge bundles, massage oil blends etc) uplifting and inspiring ritual exercises with your friends, and family, sharing of food and drinks, and more.

Email to get in touch and discuss options.

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